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Travels Around the Yukon & Alaska



While in the Yukon and Alaska, I traveled around on various roads aside from the Alaska and Dempster Highways. This section of the travelogue visits these places.

Please note: This travelogue is arranged so that all of the Alaska Hwy is in one section, the Dempster Hwy in another, and all of these side trips are in a third section. As you can see from the map below, if I were to present my travels around the Yukon and Alaska in trip order, the Alaska Hwy would be split up onto many different pages, thus leading to a lack of continuity for those who wished to view the Alaska Hwy from beginning to end, in order.

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Here is a map of the various side trips I made while in the Yukon and Alaska



At this point you may:

1. Go directly to one of the places/highways I visited during my travels around the Yukon and Alaska:

2. Or continue with the trip in sequence...


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